Legal Media is proud to introduce our latest innovative service and technology, On-Line Depo Room!


With OLDR you can log in from a remote location to your on-line depo room and participate in your interactive deposition.  Share exhibits, video, slides or audio clips with everyone live - wiithout leaving your office! Key Features include:

Unlimited locations and participants

Unlimited locations and participants

Control what you see on your screen

Log in from your laptop or mobile device

Log in from your mobile device

Share slides and exhibits, even annotate documents interactively

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Our video services also include Deposition Videography, DVT (Deposition Video and Text Synchronization), Mediation and Settlement Presentations, Location Shoots and Editing and Still photography. 

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With over 35 years of combined experience, our in-house video staff has what it takes to make sure your video is ready for trial. From recording a deposition in a parking lot to being on the record for 20 hours straight in a conference room, we have seen and done it all.


Most video depositions end up in a box and don’t get a second thought until it’s time to go to trial. We have an extensive quality control process to ensure that when that time comes, your deposition video is complete and ready to be edited for trial.

USB Drive Delivery

All of our video is delivered on convenient USB flash drives. This offers reliable and fast transfer of video files to a local hard drive or server without worrying about disk drive read errors. Once your case is over, the drives can be re-used in your office.

Hi-Def, High Quality, Picture-In-Picture Depositions

Legal Media is one of the only firms in Houston to offer Hi-Definition Picture-In-Picture depositions enabling exhibits to be presented alongside the deponent by using an ELMO®/Document Camera, Laptop, and/or iPad®. This service is also particularly effective when having witnesses explain diagrams, pictures, or spreadsheets which can be difficult to present in court with trial presentation software. We provide a high quality, clear recording of the deposition. The exhibits displayed will be just as clear as what was presented at the deposition.

Location Videography and Still Photography

We can come on location and record the actual people and places involved in your case for use at trial and mediation.