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trial without the error

Litigation Support for Attorneys Nationwide

(713) 861-4700

Voted the #1 Legal Graphics and Video Services provider in Houston

-Texas Lawyer Magazine, Texas' Best 2015


trial without the error

Litigation Support for Attorneys Nationwide

(713) 861-4700

Voted the #1 Legal Graphics and Video Services provider in Houston

-Texas Lawyer Magazine, Texas' Best 2015

Litigation Support

No stranger to the tremendous stress and pressure of high-stakes litigation, LMI's experience in the courtroom is unparalleled. Our teams consist of individuals highly skilled in video production, graphic design, and trial presentation, who are extremely familiar with the extensive needs and demands of attorneys. Our on-going commitment is to provide our clients with the highest level of litigation support available.

Persuasive Design

From conception to implementation to verdict, our graphic designers will assist you every step of the way to make sure your message is elegant yet easy to understand.


Adding LMI to your trial team means adding some of the most experienced trial consultants in the industry. 


Our video services include Deposition Videography, DVT (Synchronized Video and Text), mediation and settlement presentations, location shoots, editing, and still photography.


Graphic Design

From conception to implementation to verdict

Graphic Design

From conception to implementation to verdict

Please contact us for samples of graphics, animations and interactive tutorials.

Legal Media has been setting the standard for quality in patent technology tutorials, delivering compelling presentations that consistently produce favorable results for our clients. Through close collaboration with attorneys and expert witnesses, and the seamless integration of graphics, hyperlinks and voice-over narration, we teach the Court the key concepts, laying solid foundation for future arguments. Our ability to present challenging, highly-technical information to the lay person is important and highly valued by our clients.

LMI's tutorials include:

MicroUnity v Apple

Intellectual Ventures v CheckPoint

Click 2 Call v Oracle

PMC v DirectTV

Saxon Innovations, L.L.C. v. Apple, Inc., et al

The Quantum World Corporation v. Atmel Corporation, et al

Function Media, L.L.C. v. Google, Inc.

JuxtaComm v. Ascential, et al.

Superspeed, L.L.C. v. IBM Corp.

E-Watch, Inc. v. March Networks Corporation

MicroUnity Systems Engineering vs. Intel Corporation and Dell, Inc.

Clearvalue, Inc. and Richard Alan Haase v. Pearl River Polymers, Inc., et al

E-Watch, Inc. v. March Networkds Corporation

BIAX Corp. v. Intel Corp. & Analog Devices, Inc.

Alt v Medtronic

Orion IP, LLC v. Staples, Inc.

Soverain vs.

Sklar v. Microsoft

Flashmark Technologies v. GTECH Corporation


Experience Matters

Calm under pressure and always prepared

Experience Matters

Calm under pressure and always prepared

Adding Legal Media to your trial team is just good math!

We have helped clients win more than $6 Billion in verdicts and summary judgments and more than $13 Billion in settlements

O'Bannon v NCAA   (Current and former athlete class action anti-trust)

O'Bannon v NCAA (Current and former athlete class action anti-trust)

Jackson v AEG   (Michael Jackson wrongful death trial)

Jackson v AEG (Michael Jackson wrongful death trial)

US v Kaluza   (Deepwater Horizon oil spill trial of well site leader Robert Kaluza)

US v Kaluza (Deepwater Horizon oil spill trial of well site leader Robert Kaluza)

Our Trial Teams feature some of the most seasoned veterans in the industry and have been to courtrooms across the country. Our flexibility within the high stress of trial makes us an essential part of every case. 


Our teams are customized according to the needs of the trial and usually include a single consultant who is skilled in all aspects of litigation suppport - which costs less and relieves the time-consuming communication chain that many support firms have. You work and communicate with the person who is actually doing the work.

Our Full-Service On-Site 24/7 trial support is unmatched by anyone in the industry. Call us to find out why.




Jibe/Lamar v Beats, Iovine, Young - 3 week jury trial resulting in $25 million verdict for breach of contract and unpaid royalties.

US v ATT & Time Warner - Historic approval of an $85 Billion merger approving the purchase of Time Warner by AT&T.  LMI represented both merging companies.

TSI v House Canary - HouseCanary won their counter-claim, after being sued by Title Source, Inc.  Jury verdict of $706.2 million including punitives.

Trendsettah v Swisher International - Jury awarded $44.4 million in breach of contract and antitrust damages for our client, Trendsettah.

US v Kaluza - Deepwater Horizon oil spill trial of well site leader Robert Kaluza.  Defendant found NOT GUILTY on all charges.

US v VSI and Howard Root  - Trial involving allegations of off-label marketing of medical device.  Our client was found NOT GUILTY on all charges.

Oracle v Rimini Street - $50 million jury verdict in copyright infringement suit related to software and support documentation.

DataQuill v ZTE - After deliberating only 35 minutes, jury comes back with verdict of valid and infringed. Awards $31.5 million.

Intellectual Ventures v Symantec - $17 million jury verdict in patent infringement suit related to virus and spam detection.

Rembrandt v Samsung - Jury awarded $15.7 million for patent infringement case related to Bluetooth technology.

Apple Ipod Itunes Antitrust Litigation - Class action antitrust case - full defense verdict worth $1 Billion.

Allianz v Ace - Jury verdict of over $200 million in a 6 week jury trial v 30 insurance carriers.

GlobeRanger v Software AG - Theft of trade secrets case that resulted in a $15 million jury verdict.

O'Bannon v. NCAA - Class action anti trust case that was very high profile and resulted in a resounding victory for our client.

Jackson v. AEG -  Michael Jackson wrongful death trial against promoter AEG Live.  Defense verdict worth $1.4 Billion.

United Health v. Starr Insurance - Jury verdict of $50M for our client in an insurance coverage dispute.

Innovative v. Blackberry - Patent infringement case that settled on the eve of closing arguments.

Two-Way Media v. AT&T - $27.5 million verdict in a patent infringement suit related to the online streaming of audio and video.

Vitamin C Antitrust - Jury verdict against two Chinese vitamin C manufacturers of $54.1 million, then trebled to $162.3 million.

Assured v Flagstar - Judgment of $90mil + interest + fees + expenses for the plaintiff in a mortgage loan fraud case.

PACT v. Xilinx - $15.4 million jury verdict in patent infringment case.

Allergan v. Mertz - Judgment of 10 month injuction from market entry and sales against defendant.

West v. Activision - Very favorable settlement for our client in major breach of contract case.

Johnston v Rawlings - Full defense verdict after 3 week jury trial.

3M v. First State - $1 Billion savings for our client through directed verdict and judgment reversal.

Briarwood v. Lennar - Defense verdict worth more than $200 Million.

Walmart Wage & Hour Class Action Cases - Litigation support firm for Walmart in all cases that went to trial.

United States v. Lay and Skilling - Provided all courtroom presentation for defendants in the 4 month trial.

McCourt v McCourt (Dodger Divorce) - Provided all courtroom presentation and support for very public divorce proceedings.

UniRam v. TSMC - Jury Verdict for Plaintiff of $30.5 Million.

Samsung v. Texas Instruments - $1.1 Billion settlement on the eve of Closing Arguments.

KCI v. Hillenbrand Industries - $520 Million Antitrust Verdict.

Southern Union v. Southwest Gas Summary - Judgment entered worth more than $500 Million.

S.E.L. v. Samsung - Summary Judgment entered worth more than $400 Million.

Fen-Phen Redux Litigation - $150 Million Verdict (first trial)

Sims v. Allstate - Defense Verdict worth more than $150 Million.

Tennessee Gas Pipeline v. KCS - $143 Million Verdict

T-Bar X Ltd. Co. v. Anadarko - $140 Million Verdict

Beller v. William Penn - Defense Verdict worth $108 Million

BJ Services v. Haliburton - $98 Million Verdict

Maris v. Anheuser-Busch- $80 Million Verdict

Baker v. City Finance - $71 Million Verdict

Acadia v. Tompkins - $52 Million Verdict

Emlico Phase II Arbitration - $41 Million decision in favor of our client.

Breezevale v. Exxon - $39 Million Verdict

Hill-ROM v. KCI - Defense Verdict worth over $30 Million

Herrara v. Pfizer - $25 Million Verdict

Fen-Phen Redux Litigation - $23 Million Verdict (second trial)

Harmar Bottling v. Coca-Cola - $15.3 Million Verdict

Fazio v. Cypress Equities, Inc.- $3.9 Million Verdict + $600K Punitives

Coburn Supply Co. v. Kohler Co. - Very favorable plaintiff verdict.

Emlico v. CU Phase I Arbitration – Rescission denied in favor of our client.

Ring Bros. v. KCI - Favorable verdict AND opposing patent found invalid.


More Than Video

Because there is no second chance

More Than Video

Because there is no second chance

Legal Media is proud to introduce our latest innovative service and technology, On-Line Depo Room!


With OLDR you can log in from a remote location to your on-line depo room and participate in your interactive deposition.  Share exhibits, video, slides or audio clips with everyone live - wiithout leaving your office! Key Features include:

Unlimited locations and participants

Unlimited locations and participants

Control what you see on your screen

Log in from your laptop or mobile device

Log in from your mobile device

Share slides and exhibits, even annotate documents interactively

Call us today to learn more about how you can use On-Line Depo Room in your next deposition! 713-861-4700

Our video services also include Deposition Videography, DVT (Deposition Video and Text Synchronization), Mediation and Settlement Presentations, Location Shoots and Editing and Still photography. 

Trial Director Still.jpg


With over 35 years of combined experience, our in-house video staff has what it takes to make sure your video is ready for trial. From recording a deposition in a parking lot to being on the record for 20 hours straight in a conference room, we have seen and done it all.


Most video depositions end up in a box and don’t get a second thought until it’s time to go to trial. We have an extensive quality control process to ensure that when that time comes, your deposition video is complete and ready to be edited for trial.

USB Drive Delivery

All of our video is delivered on convenient USB flash drives. This offers reliable and fast transfer of video files to a local hard drive or server without worrying about disk drive read errors. Once your case is over, the drives can be re-used in your office.

Hi-Def, High Quality, Picture-In-Picture Depositions

Legal Media is one of the only firms in Houston to offer Hi-Definition Picture-In-Picture depositions enabling exhibits to be presented alongside the deponent by using an ELMO®/Document Camera, Laptop, and/or iPad®. This service is also particularly effective when having witnesses explain diagrams, pictures, or spreadsheets which can be difficult to present in court with trial presentation software. We provide a high quality, clear recording of the deposition. The exhibits displayed will be just as clear as what was presented at the deposition.

Location Videography and Still Photography

We can come on location and record the actual people and places involved in your case for use at trial and mediation.


Standing Ovations

Don't take our word for it, see what our clients say

Standing Ovations

Don't take our word for it, see what our clients say

Legal Media, formerly Legal Media Systems, was founded in 1981 by Lou Getz, who pioneered the legal video industry in one of the largest markets in the country. Pam Radford and Lou joined forces in 1997, forming Legal Media, Inc., adding award-winning graphics and trial presentation services to the company's suite of services. Pam became the President of Legal Media in 2009, after Lou's retirement, then in 2012, Matthew Boles, Matthew Spalding and Francesca Cerrato became partners in the company.

Voted #1 Legal Graphics & Video Services provider in Houston in Texas' Best 2015

Voted #1 Legal Graphics & Video Services provider in Houston in Texas' Best 2015



“There is no one I would rather have by my side in the courtroom than Pam Radford. Pam and her team worked tirelessly and seamlessly with our trial team, and their presence and performance in the courtroom were unmatched.”

-Daniel M. Petrocelli

O'Melveny & Myers


It really was a pleasure working with [Matt Boles].  It goes without saying that you are the best at what you do, but the energy and insight you add on top of that, it’s truly overwhelming.  Thank you for all your help ... I look forward to many many more.

-Davida Brook

Susman Godfrey


"We enjoyed having Michael Cammack as part of the team last week. Like everyone else at Legal Media, he’s great at what he does and fit seamlessly into the trial team."

- Andy Love

Wright & Close LLP

“Matt Spalding was fantastic. He knew my case as well as I did, if not better, and anticipates where I am going next with exhibits. He stayed up all night with us, without complaint, enthusiastically getting ready for closing. His help was invaluable in our $15mm verdict.”

- Pat Mizell

Vincent & Elkins


"Legal Media and Pam Radford provide the most professional and creative trial graphics in the business. They are able to attain such a high level of effective courtroom support because they think like trial lawyers, understand courtroom dynamics and spend time, shoulder-to-shoulder with trial counsel, mastering the issues confronting the jury. Legal Media provides cost efficient trial graphics because of their creativity; they take the spoken themes and black and white exhibits of the trial lawyer and transform them, often overnight, into persuasive, lively graphics that focus the jury's attention.”

-Margaret H. Warner
McDermott, Will & Emery, Washington, D.C


"We just finished the IV tutorial, and I can't say enough about Matt's great work. The client is thrilled and he went through so many rounds of edits, and as always, kept his cool through it all. His graphics are awesome, and he went all out on this project for us, even retrieving 15 burned discs for us when we found a typo after it went to FedEx. He's fantastic."

-Brooke Taylor
Susman Godfrey


“Francesca,....We truly appreciate all of the hard work you and your coworkers have spent....Even when we were busy making last minute changes, your energy and creativity did not falter. Your assistance helped our presentation go off without a hitch.”

-Ron Tigner
Greenberg, Peden, Siegmyer, Oshman, Tigner, Geddie, Snyder & Naylor


"I have worked with Dorian for nearly a decade in preparing and presenting cases to juries all across the State of Texas.  She has consistently satisfied or exceeded this goal with meticulous attention to detail, even when the presentation of evidence had to be rearranged on the fly while the jury was waiting out in the hall.  Dorian isprofessional, seasoned, and skilled at the art and science of courtroom evidence presentation.  I would not go to trial without her."

-Todd Trombley

The Talaska Law Firm


"Matt Boles, I am really proud of the work you did on this case.  You are definitely at the top of your game – best I’ve ever seen.  Can’t wait until I have enough stroke to have dibs on you – but that probably means a bunch of folks will have to retire or kick the bucket.

-Brian Melton
Susman Godfrey


"Matt Spalding was delightful to work with... Phenomenal... came across with sincere concern for the client and the case.”

-Robert Stroud, Owner
Hosford, et al v. Stroud Production LLC, et al


"I just wanted to tell you what an incredible job Matt Boles did. I know I speak for the entire trial team when I said that it is not only possible but likely that in addition to being some kind of computer wiz, he is psychic. Exhibits were on the screen when we needed them and the relevant portions were highlighted as we were thinking to ourselves “boy, I’d like that section to be highlighted…”

-Geoff Berg
Diamond McCarthy


“Pam Radford and her team are some of the most creative people you'll ever work with. They are incredibly skilled at creating simple demonstratives to convey complex concepts. Their ability to anticipate a trial lawyer's needs in the courtroom and display exhibits at the appropriate time is invaluable. Whenever I try a tough case Legal Media is at the table.”

-Howard L. Close
Wright & Close LLP


“Pam, you and Matt were sensational, both inside and out of the courtroom. Your hard work and creativity were instrumental in the great result.”

-Brett Williamson
O'Melveny & Myers


"I wanted to tell you just how thrilled we were with Francesca's work on the technology tutorial. With very minimal direction (I mean shockingly little), she put together a phenomenal product that blew both me and our client away. He was raving about it. We are especially pleased given the tight time constraints within which we were working.

-Suyash Agrawal

Susman Godfrey


"Legal Media is a virtual necessity for any complex case. Their ability to synthesize, manage and project voluminous material is out-of-this-world. From the smallest detail to the most Herculean of tasks, they get the job done right.”

-Chip Lewis
Houston, Texas


“Matt [Boles], of course, never even needs direction. He’s practically a mind reader.”

-Victoria Cook,
Susman Godfrey



"Our experience in major litigation with Dorian has been extraordinary. In several cases, including a month long trial, the courtroom technology - computerization of documents, graphics and videos, allowed the jury to fully understand our case - resulting in a zero verdict. The jury thought that we gave a more organized presentation and her work was a key part of that perception." 

-John Davis, Partner

Brown Sims, P.C.


"[Michael Cammack] did a fantastic job!! Thank you very much for your professionalism and GREAT product. I am very impressed! We receive a lot of videos from various video companies across the country, I just with they all looked as good as your does...You  will be hearing from me again!"

Austin Greenberg

DFW MultiMedia, Inc.



Creative   Efficient   Experienced   Professional


Creative   Efficient   Experienced   Professional


Do you think you could be the peanut butter to our jelly? The Abbot to our Costello? We are always on the lookout for talented individuals to join our team of designers and consultants. Click the I've Got Skills button below, send us your resume, and we will be in touch regarding available opportunities





LMI is located at 1602 Washington Avenue, near downtown Houston. Our regular office hours are 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM, Monday through Friday. We can be reached at 713-861-4700 or toll-free at 1- 888-318-6473.


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