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We have helped clients win more than $6 Billion in verdicts and summary judgments and more than $13 Billion in settlements

O'Bannon v NCAA   (Current and former athlete class action anti-trust)

O'Bannon v NCAA (Current and former athlete class action anti-trust)

Jackson v AEG   (Michael Jackson wrongful death trial)

Jackson v AEG (Michael Jackson wrongful death trial)

US v Kaluza   (Deepwater Horizon oil spill trial of well site leader Robert Kaluza)

US v Kaluza (Deepwater Horizon oil spill trial of well site leader Robert Kaluza)

Our Trial Teams feature some of the most seasoned veterans in the industry and have been to courtrooms across the country. Our flexibility within the high stress of trial makes us an essential part of every case. 


Our teams are customized according to the needs of the trial and usually include a single consultant who is skilled in all aspects of litigation suppport - which costs less and relieves the time-consuming communication chain that many support firms have. You work and communicate with the person who is actually doing the work.

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Jibe/Lamar v Beats, Iovine, Young - 3 week jury trial resulting in $25 million verdict for breach of contract and unpaid royalties.

US v ATT & Time Warner - Historic approval of an $85 Billion merger approving the purchase of Time Warner by AT&T.  LMI represented both merging companies.

TSI v House Canary - HouseCanary won their counter-claim, after being sued by Title Source, Inc.  Jury verdict of $706.2 million including punitives.

Trendsettah v Swisher International - Jury awarded $44.4 million in breach of contract and antitrust damages for our client, Trendsettah.

US v Kaluza - Deepwater Horizon oil spill trial of well site leader Robert Kaluza.  Defendant found NOT GUILTY on all charges.

US v VSI and Howard Root  - Trial involving allegations of off-label marketing of medical device.  Our client was found NOT GUILTY on all charges.

Oracle v Rimini Street - $50 million jury verdict in copyright infringement suit related to software and support documentation.

DataQuill v ZTE - After deliberating only 35 minutes, jury comes back with verdict of valid and infringed. Awards $31.5 million.

Intellectual Ventures v Symantec - $17 million jury verdict in patent infringement suit related to virus and spam detection.

Rembrandt v Samsung - Jury awarded $15.7 million for patent infringement case related to Bluetooth technology.

Apple Ipod Itunes Antitrust Litigation - Class action antitrust case - full defense verdict worth $1 Billion.

Allianz v Ace - Jury verdict of over $200 million in a 6 week jury trial v 30 insurance carriers.

GlobeRanger v Software AG - Theft of trade secrets case that resulted in a $15 million jury verdict.

O'Bannon v. NCAA - Class action anti trust case that was very high profile and resulted in a resounding victory for our client.

Jackson v. AEG -  Michael Jackson wrongful death trial against promoter AEG Live.  Defense verdict worth $1.4 Billion.

United Health v. Starr Insurance - Jury verdict of $50M for our client in an insurance coverage dispute.

Innovative v. Blackberry - Patent infringement case that settled on the eve of closing arguments.

Two-Way Media v. AT&T - $27.5 million verdict in a patent infringement suit related to the online streaming of audio and video.

Vitamin C Antitrust - Jury verdict against two Chinese vitamin C manufacturers of $54.1 million, then trebled to $162.3 million.

Assured v Flagstar - Judgment of $90mil + interest + fees + expenses for the plaintiff in a mortgage loan fraud case.

PACT v. Xilinx - $15.4 million jury verdict in patent infringment case.

Allergan v. Mertz - Judgment of 10 month injuction from market entry and sales against defendant.

West v. Activision - Very favorable settlement for our client in major breach of contract case.

Johnston v Rawlings - Full defense verdict after 3 week jury trial.

3M v. First State - $1 Billion savings for our client through directed verdict and judgment reversal.

Briarwood v. Lennar - Defense verdict worth more than $200 Million.

Walmart Wage & Hour Class Action Cases - Litigation support firm for Walmart in all cases that went to trial.

United States v. Lay and Skilling - Provided all courtroom presentation for defendants in the 4 month trial.

McCourt v McCourt (Dodger Divorce) - Provided all courtroom presentation and support for very public divorce proceedings.

UniRam v. TSMC - Jury Verdict for Plaintiff of $30.5 Million.

Samsung v. Texas Instruments - $1.1 Billion settlement on the eve of Closing Arguments.

KCI v. Hillenbrand Industries - $520 Million Antitrust Verdict.

Southern Union v. Southwest Gas Summary - Judgment entered worth more than $500 Million.

S.E.L. v. Samsung - Summary Judgment entered worth more than $400 Million.

Fen-Phen Redux Litigation - $150 Million Verdict (first trial)

Sims v. Allstate - Defense Verdict worth more than $150 Million.

Tennessee Gas Pipeline v. KCS - $143 Million Verdict

T-Bar X Ltd. Co. v. Anadarko - $140 Million Verdict

Beller v. William Penn - Defense Verdict worth $108 Million

BJ Services v. Haliburton - $98 Million Verdict

Maris v. Anheuser-Busch- $80 Million Verdict

Baker v. City Finance - $71 Million Verdict

Acadia v. Tompkins - $52 Million Verdict

Emlico Phase II Arbitration - $41 Million decision in favor of our client.

Breezevale v. Exxon - $39 Million Verdict

Hill-ROM v. KCI - Defense Verdict worth over $30 Million

Herrara v. Pfizer - $25 Million Verdict

Fen-Phen Redux Litigation - $23 Million Verdict (second trial)

Harmar Bottling v. Coca-Cola - $15.3 Million Verdict

Fazio v. Cypress Equities, Inc.- $3.9 Million Verdict + $600K Punitives

Coburn Supply Co. v. Kohler Co. - Very favorable plaintiff verdict.

Emlico v. CU Phase I Arbitration – Rescission denied in favor of our client.

Ring Bros. v. KCI - Favorable verdict AND opposing patent found invalid.