Legal Media, formerly Legal Media Systems, was founded in 1981 by Lou Getz, who pioneered the legal video industry in one of the largest markets in the country. Pam Radford and Lou joined forces in 1997, forming Legal Media, Inc., adding award-winning graphics and trial presentation services to the company's suite of services. Pam became the President of Legal Media in 2009, after Lou's retirement, then in 2012, Matthew Boles, Matthew Spalding and Francesca Cerrato became partners in the company.

Voted #1 Legal Graphics & Video Services provider in Houston in Texas' Best 2015

Voted #1 Legal Graphics & Video Services provider in Houston in Texas' Best 2015



“There is no one I would rather have by my side in the courtroom than Pam Radford. Pam and her team worked tirelessly and seamlessly with our trial team, and their presence and performance in the courtroom were unmatched.”

-Daniel M. Petrocelli

O'Melveny & Myers


It really was a pleasure working with [Matt Boles].  It goes without saying that you are the best at what you do, but the energy and insight you add on top of that, it’s truly overwhelming.  Thank you for all your help ... I look forward to many many more.

-Davida Brook

Susman Godfrey


"We enjoyed having Michael Cammack as part of the team last week. Like everyone else at Legal Media, he’s great at what he does and fit seamlessly into the trial team."

- Andy Love

Wright & Close LLP

“Matt Spalding was fantastic. He knew my case as well as I did, if not better, and anticipates where I am going next with exhibits. He stayed up all night with us, without complaint, enthusiastically getting ready for closing. His help was invaluable in our $15mm verdict.”

- Pat Mizell

Vincent & Elkins


"Legal Media and Pam Radford provide the most professional and creative trial graphics in the business. They are able to attain such a high level of effective courtroom support because they think like trial lawyers, understand courtroom dynamics and spend time, shoulder-to-shoulder with trial counsel, mastering the issues confronting the jury. Legal Media provides cost efficient trial graphics because of their creativity; they take the spoken themes and black and white exhibits of the trial lawyer and transform them, often overnight, into persuasive, lively graphics that focus the jury's attention.”

-Margaret H. Warner
McDermott, Will & Emery, Washington, D.C


"We just finished the IV tutorial, and I can't say enough about Matt's great work. The client is thrilled and he went through so many rounds of edits, and as always, kept his cool through it all. His graphics are awesome, and he went all out on this project for us, even retrieving 15 burned discs for us when we found a typo after it went to FedEx. He's fantastic."

-Brooke Taylor
Susman Godfrey


“Francesca,....We truly appreciate all of the hard work you and your coworkers have spent....Even when we were busy making last minute changes, your energy and creativity did not falter. Your assistance helped our presentation go off without a hitch.”

-Ron Tigner
Greenberg, Peden, Siegmyer, Oshman, Tigner, Geddie, Snyder & Naylor


"I have worked with Dorian for nearly a decade in preparing and presenting cases to juries all across the State of Texas.  She has consistently satisfied or exceeded this goal with meticulous attention to detail, even when the presentation of evidence had to be rearranged on the fly while the jury was waiting out in the hall.  Dorian isprofessional, seasoned, and skilled at the art and science of courtroom evidence presentation.  I would not go to trial without her."

-Todd Trombley

The Talaska Law Firm


"Matt Boles, I am really proud of the work you did on this case.  You are definitely at the top of your game – best I’ve ever seen.  Can’t wait until I have enough stroke to have dibs on you – but that probably means a bunch of folks will have to retire or kick the bucket.

-Brian Melton
Susman Godfrey


"Matt Spalding was delightful to work with... Phenomenal... came across with sincere concern for the client and the case.”

-Robert Stroud, Owner
Hosford, et al v. Stroud Production LLC, et al


"I just wanted to tell you what an incredible job Matt Boles did. I know I speak for the entire trial team when I said that it is not only possible but likely that in addition to being some kind of computer wiz, he is psychic. Exhibits were on the screen when we needed them and the relevant portions were highlighted as we were thinking to ourselves “boy, I’d like that section to be highlighted…”

-Geoff Berg
Diamond McCarthy


“Pam Radford and her team are some of the most creative people you'll ever work with. They are incredibly skilled at creating simple demonstratives to convey complex concepts. Their ability to anticipate a trial lawyer's needs in the courtroom and display exhibits at the appropriate time is invaluable. Whenever I try a tough case Legal Media is at the table.”

-Howard L. Close
Wright & Close LLP


“Pam, you and Matt were sensational, both inside and out of the courtroom. Your hard work and creativity were instrumental in the great result.”

-Brett Williamson
O'Melveny & Myers


"I wanted to tell you just how thrilled we were with Francesca's work on the technology tutorial. With very minimal direction (I mean shockingly little), she put together a phenomenal product that blew both me and our client away. He was raving about it. We are especially pleased given the tight time constraints within which we were working.

-Suyash Agrawal

Susman Godfrey


"Legal Media is a virtual necessity for any complex case. Their ability to synthesize, manage and project voluminous material is out-of-this-world. From the smallest detail to the most Herculean of tasks, they get the job done right.”

-Chip Lewis
Houston, Texas


“Matt [Boles], of course, never even needs direction. He’s practically a mind reader.”

-Victoria Cook,
Susman Godfrey



"Our experience in major litigation with Dorian has been extraordinary. In several cases, including a month long trial, the courtroom technology - computerization of documents, graphics and videos, allowed the jury to fully understand our case - resulting in a zero verdict. The jury thought that we gave a more organized presentation and her work was a key part of that perception." 

-John Davis, Partner

Brown Sims, P.C.


"[Michael Cammack] did a fantastic job!! Thank you very much for your professionalism and GREAT product. I am very impressed! We receive a lot of videos from various video companies across the country, I just with they all looked as good as your does...You  will be hearing from me again!"

Austin Greenberg

DFW MultiMedia, Inc.